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Disclaimer: The information on this page is to be used as a guideline.  Some information comes from SHG Members, while other information comes from internet sources.  You are advised to always contact your veterinarian regarding any health issuesThe officers and members of the SmallestHorse Group are not responsible for the content.

Gestation Chart
Miniature Mare Bred Due   Bred Due   Bred Due   Bred Due   Bred Due   Bred Due
Foaling Calendar Jan-1 Nov-23   Mar-1 Jan-21   May-1 Mar-23   Jul-1 May-23   Sep-1 Jul-24   Nov-1 Sep-23
Jan-2 Nov-24   Mar-2 Jan-22   May-2 Mar-24   Jul-2 May-24   Sep-2 Jul-25   Nov-2 Sep-24
Jan-3 Nov-25   Mar-3 Jan-23   May-3 Mar-25   Jul-3 May-25   Sep-3 Jul-26   Nov-3 Sep-25
This calendar is based on the average Jan-4 Nov-26   Mar-4 Jan-24   May-4 Mar-26   Jul-4 May-26   Sep-4 Jul-27   Nov-4 Sep-26
Miniature Horse gestation period of  Jan-5 Nov-27   Mar-5 Jan-25   May-5 Mar-27   Jul-5 May-27   Sep-5 Jul-28   Nov-5 Sep-27
approximately 326 days from  Jan-6 Nov-28   Mar-6 Jan-26   May-6 Mar-28   Jul-6 May-28   Sep-6 Jul-29   Nov-6 Sep-28
last date bred. Jan-7 Nov-29   Mar-7 Jan-27   May-7 Mar-29   Jul-7 May-29   Sep-7 Jul-30   Nov-7 Sep-29
Jan-8 Nov-30   Mar-8 Jan-28   May-8 Mar-30   Jul-8 May-30   Sep-8 Jul-31   Nov-8 Sep-30
Use the columns marked "Bred" Jan-9 Dec-1   Mar-9 Jan-29   May-9 Mar-31   Jul-9 May-31   Sep-9 Aug-1   Nov-9 Oct-1
to locate the day on which the mare Jan-10 Dec-2   Mar-10 Jan-30   May-10 Apr-1   Jul-10 Jun-1   Sep-10 Aug-2   Nov-10 Oct-2
was last bred.  Across from that date Jan-11 Dec-3   Mar-11 Jan-31   May-11 Apr-2   Jul-11 Jun-2   Sep-11 Aug-3   Nov-11 Oct-3
will be the date on which the mare can Jan-12 Dec-4   Mar-12 Feb-1   May-12 Apr-3   Jul-12 Jun-3   Sep-12 Aug-4   Nov-12 Oct-4
be expected to foal.  However, because Jan-13 Dec-5   Mar-13 Feb-2   May-13 Apr-4   Jul-13 Jun-4   Sep-13 Aug-5   Nov-13 Oct-5
326 days is only an average gestation Jan-14 Dec-6   Mar-14 Feb-3   May-14 Apr-5   Jul-14 Jun-5   Sep-14 Aug-6   Nov-14 Oct-6
length, many mares will foal within Jan-15 Dec-7   Mar-15 Feb-4   May-15 Apr-6   Jul-15 Jun-6   Sep-15 Aug-7   Nov-15 Oct-7
about ten days either before or after Jan-16 Dec-8   Mar-16 Feb-5   May-16 Apr-7   Jul-16 Jun-7   Sep-16 Aug-8   Nov-16 Oct-8
the date given in this table. Jan-17 Dec-9   Mar-17 Feb-6   May-17 Apr-8   Jul-17 Jun-8   Sep-17 Aug-9   Nov-17 Oct-9
Jan-18 Dec-10   Mar-18 Feb-7   May-18 Apr-9   Jul-18 Jun-9   Sep-18 Aug-10   Nov-18 Oct-10
Remember to adjust the due date if Jan-19 Dec-11   Mar-19 Feb-8   May-19 Apr-10   Jul-19 Jun-10   Sep-19 Aug-11   Nov-19 Oct-11
a leap year is involved. Jan-20 Dec-12   Mar-20 Feb-9   May-20 Apr-11   Jul-20 Jun-11   Sep-20 Aug-12   Nov-20 Oct-12
Jan-21 Dec-13   Mar-21 Feb-10   May-21 Apr-12   Jul-21 Jun-12   Sep-21 Aug-13   Nov-21 Oct-13
Jan-22 Dec-14   Mar-22 Feb-11   May-22 Apr-13   Jul-22 Jun-13   Sep-22 Aug-14   Nov-22 Oct-14
Jan-23 Dec-15   Mar-23 Feb-12   May-23 Apr-14   Jul-23 Jun-14   Sep-23 Aug-15   Nov-23 Oct-15
Jan-24 Dec-16   Mar-24 Feb-13   May-24 Apr-15   Jul-24 Jun-15   Sep-24 Aug-16   Nov-24 Oct-16
Jan-25 Dec-17   Mar-25 Feb-14   May-25 Apr-16   Jul-25 Jun-16   Sep-25 Aug-17   Nov-25 Oct-17
Jan-26 Dec-18   Mar-26 Feb-15   May-26 Apr-17   Jul-26 Jun-17   Sep-26 Aug-18   Nov-26 Oct-18
Jan-27 Dec-19   Mar-27 Feb-16   May-27 Apr-18   Jul-27 Jun-18   Sep-27 Aug-19   Nov-27 Oct-19
Jan-28 Dec-20   Mar-28 Feb-17   May-28 Apr-19   Jul-28 Jun-19   Sep-28 Aug-20   Nov-28 Oct-20
Jan-29 Dec-21   Mar-29 Feb-18   May-29 Apr-20   Jul-29 Jun-20   Sep-29 Aug-21   Nov-29 Oct-21
Jan-30 Dec-22   Mar-30 Feb-19   May-30 Apr-21   Jul-30 Jun-21   Sep-30 Aug-22   Nov-30 Oct-22
` Jan-31 Dec-23   Mar-31 Feb-20   May-31 Apr-22   Jul-31 Jun-22   Oct-1 Aug-23   Dec-1 Oct-23
Feb-1 Dec-24   Apr-1 Feb-21   Jun-1 Apr-23   Aug-1 Jun-23   Oct-2 Aug-24   Dec-2 Oct-24
Feb-2 Dec-25   Apr-2 Feb-22   Jun-2 Apr-24   Aug-2 Jun-24   Oct-3 Aug-25   Dec-3 Oct-25
Feb-3 Dec-26   Apr-3 Feb-23   Jun-3 Apr-25   Aug-3 Jun-25   Oct-4 Aug-26   Dec-4 Oct-26
Feb-4 Dec-27   Apr-4 Feb-24   Jun-4 Apr-26   Aug-4 Jun-26   Oct-5 Aug-27   Dec-5 Oct-27
Feb-5 Dec-28   Apr-5 Feb-25   Jun-5 Apr-27   Aug-5 Jun-27   Oct-6 Aug-28   Dec-6 Oct-28
Feb-6 Dec-29   Apr-6 Feb-26   Jun-6 Apr-28   Aug-6 Jun-28   Oct-7 Aug-29   Dec-7 Oct-29
Feb-7 Dec-30   Apr-7 Feb-27   Jun-7 Apr-29   Aug-7 Jun-29   Oct-8 Aug-30   Dec-8 Oct-30
Feb-8 Dec-31   Apr-8 Feb-28   Jun-8 Apr-30   Aug-8 Jun-30   Oct-9 Aug-31   Dec-9 Oct-31
Feb-9 Jan-1   Apr-9 Mar-1   Jun-9 May-1   Aug-9 Jul-1   Oct-10 Sep-1   Dec-10 Nov-1
Feb-10 Jan-2   Apr-10 Mar-2   Jun-10 May-2   Aug-10 Jul-2   Oct-11 Sep-2   Dec-11 Nov-2
Feb-11 Jan-3   Apr-11 Mar-3   Jun-11 May-3   Aug-11 Jul-3   Oct-12 Sep-3   Dec-12 Nov-3
  Gestation Calendar courtesy of: Feb-12 Jan-4   Apr-12 Mar-4   Jun-12 May-4   Aug-12 Jul-4   Oct-13 Sep-4   Dec-13 Nov-4
Feb-13 Jan-5   Apr-13 Mar-5   Jun-13 May-5   Aug-13 Jul-5   Oct-14 Sep-5   Dec-14 Nov-5
TLC Miniature Horse Farm Feb-14 Jan-6   Apr-14 Mar-6   Jun-14 May-6   Aug-14 Jul-6   Oct-15 Sep-6   Dec-15 Nov-6
Tony & Leslie Cunningham Feb-15 Jan-7   Apr-15 Mar-7   Jun-15 May-7   Aug-15 Jul-7   Oct-16 Sep-7   Dec-16 Nov-7
175 County Road 13685 Feb-16 Jan-8   Apr-16 Mar-8   Jun-16 May-8   Aug-16 Jul-8   Oct-17 Sep-8   Dec-17 Nov-8
Paris, Texas 75462-3809 Feb-17 Jan-9   Apr-17 Mar-9   Jun-17 May-9   Aug-17 Jul-9   Oct-18 Sep-9   Dec-18 Nov-9
903.784.3363 Feb-18 Jan-10   Apr-18 Mar-10   Jun-18 May-10   Aug-18 Jul-10   Oct-19 Sep-10   Dec-19 Nov-10 Feb-19 Jan-11   Apr-19 Mar-11   Jun-19 May-11   Aug-19 Jul-11   Oct-20 Sep-11   Dec-20 Nov-11
Feb-20 Jan-12   Apr-20 Mar-12   Jun-20 May-12   Aug-20 Jul-12   Oct-21 Sep-12   Dec-21 Nov-12
Feb-21 Jan-13   Apr-21 Mar-13   Jun-21 May-13   Aug-21 Jul-13   Oct-22 Sep-13   Dec-22 Nov-13
Feb-22 Jan-14   Apr-22 Mar-14   Jun-22 May-14   Aug-22 Jul-14   Oct-23 Sep-14   Dec-23 Nov-14
Feb-23 Jan-15   Apr-23 Mar-15   Jun-23 May-15   Aug-23 Jul-15   Oct-24 Sep-15   Dec-24 Nov-15
Feb-24 Jan-16   Apr-24 Mar-16   Jun-24 May-16   Aug-24 Jul-16   Oct-25 Sep-16   Dec-25 Nov-16
Feb-25 Jan-17   Apr-25 Mar-17   Jun-25 May-17   Aug-25 Jul-17   Oct-26 Sep-17   Dec-26 Nov-17
Feb-26 Jan-18   Apr-26 Mar-18   Jun-26 May-18   Aug-26 Jul-18   Oct-27 Sep-18   27-Dec Nov-18
Feb-27 Jan-19   Apr-27 Mar-19   Jun-27 May-19   Aug-27 Jul-19   Oct-28 Sep-19   28-Dec Nov-19
Feb-28 Jan-20   Apr-28 Mar-20   Jun-28 May-20   Aug-28 Jul-20   Oct-29 Sep-20   29-Dec Nov-20
Apr-29 Mar-21   Jun-29 May-21   Aug-29 Jul-21   Oct-30 Sep-21   30-Dec Nov-21
Apr-30 Mar-22   Jun-30 May-22   Aug-30 Jul-22   Oct-31 Sep-22   31-Dec Nov-22  
(*add 10 days to due date for full size horses)   Aug-31 Jul-23  


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