July 2007
"My Favorite Photo"
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"The perfect horse in miniature"

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"A photo tells a story....but
there seems to be one or two that are better than all the rest"

Voting starts August 1.  Send the number of your favorite photo to Marion at
jimandmarion@weelittleminis.com   please put FAVORITE PHOTO  in the Subject Line

"Best Friends.  Play hard, sleep hard.  Six Gems Top This and Cash."

"This is what it is all about!"

"Move Over, Mom!"

"Spring Grass!"

"It's been a rough day, Dad"

"My Best Friend"

"Hey, Mister, how about a ride?"

"I don't think you're my momma!"

"aahh, nothing like taking a nap with your best friend on a warm sunny day!"

"Friendship is the Greatest Gift of All!"

"I want the red nail polish please, and then a massage!"


"....wanna play with me? Can you  get me out of here???"




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