August 2007
Color Me Beautiful

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"The perfect horse in miniature"

Join the SmallestHorse Group and help us promote the 30" and under miniature horse.


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What color is my favorite --- Let me check the day!! 

Voting starts September 1, 2007.  Send the number of your favorite photo to Marion at   please put CONTEST NAME HERE in the Subject Line

"Double Color - Double Trouble"

"Are you sure I'm supposed to stand this way?"

"Ok, Nanny, I didn't see where the horse had to be real..but my first attempt at Photoshop sure made a colorful horse.  Of course she's way under 30"...I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love SHG ---it makes you so happy"

"Wow, this weed is taller than I am!!!"

"Look here, I can blow blue bubbles!"




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