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 Looking for SHG Talent

Are you a poet, artist, writer, or artist?  Do you have a funny or loving story about you and your miniatures?  What do you say we share our talents....and with your permission post on the website and have a contest?  We could even look for photographers or computer gurus!!!  What are your ideas?  How about entering your creative ability?  Surely we have some tasty recipes.  Show off your talent.  This will be an on going project, because I know that at this time everyone is busy.....but if you are still on mare something creative with that extra time.  Send your ideas to


Look forward to seeing you post on the forum.  We love pictures.

GMR Miniatures
George & Mary Ronek
Maquoketa, IA

Happy Times Farm
Bill & Caroline Rob
Wytheville, Va

Short & Sweet Minis
Cheryl Ticer

Circle P Mini Ranch
Elkan & Candy Polston
Telford, Tn

Little L Acres SKR Farm
Dawn LaBine
Millet, Alberta Canada

If I missed anyone who joined since February, I sincerely apologize.....please email at

Photo Contest

After doing the poll on the forum, of those that voted it seems that more of us want to continue with the photo contest than don't.  So let's get started.  We will start with July because that is a good time to do stallions.  So send your photos by July 31st to participate.  Voting will start August 1st and end August 15th.  My deepest apologies for not being more organized on the photo contest for the end of the year and beginning of the year.  Remember only paid members can enter, but all forum users can vote.  The photos will be listed on the forum.

Please email your stallion picture with caption to

Need your Input!!

The SmallestHorse Group is made up and governed by all of its members.  All officers are volunteers and are not compensated for the work that they do.  If you have comments, items you want to see discussed, programs that you are interested in getting started, please do not hesitate to email me at

Going Green with the Irish

.It's great to have miniature horse lovers from the Irish Forum joining in the discussions on our forum.  Welcome......we love having you join us!!!!!

Do you have a website?  Contact about getting a 1 page website made.  We believe in our farms and want to help promote them.

Remember.....the SmallestHorse Group is "your" group.  Please continue to post on the forum and feel free to offer your ideas and thoughts.








Farm of the Month

T/C Mini
Family Farms

Owned by:  Viki J. Carson
Oklahoma City, OK
Phone:  (405)-315-0082


T/C Mini Family Farms was started in 1992. We are located in Oklahoma City with easy access to major highways, yet still have that 'out in the country' feel.

We have only 1-6 foals a year so ‘Riot’ & 'Ole' foals will be very limited. Put a little Riot or Ole' in your pasture! All of our horses are AMHA registered and most are AMHR also.

"What is man without beasts? If all the beasts were gone, man would surely die from great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beast also happens to man. All things are connected."
 - Chief Seattle of the Duwamish Tribe

June and July  Birthdays

May your birthday be filled with many mini blessings!!
7th Robin Olmstead
16th Julie Good
19th   Cindy Cherry
27th Pamela Chitwood
27th Carol Lowery


If I forgot your birthday please let me know.

1st Melba Mullins
1st Mike Creel
30th Susan Bulgawicz

         History of the SmallestHorse Group

There have always been breeders who have bred for the
smallest perfect horse, but they often felt alone in their endeavors
 due to the lack of recognition in the show ring.  Not until the
internet discussions of horses under 30” in height and the
non-compliance with AMHA rule CL-010 E, did those who were
breeding and promoting the 30” and under horse realize that
they were not alone in their dedication. 

Through a Yahoo internet group, breeders began discussing
 the needs and challenges for the 30” and under horse.  The
 efforts were led by Charlotte Lupton, Teresa Palmer, Margie Wood, Suzi Brannon, Kay Baxter, and Arlene Toback..  Through this Yahoo group, the Mission Statement was formed, the logo was chosen,
 by-laws written and the first officers elected.  In order to improve communication among the breeders, a message board was
 set up in March, 2003 and a paid member group was formed
 to promote the 30” and under horse.  The charter members
 are noted on the membership page.  Membership rates were
set at $25.00 per year per family. 

The first officers were Charlotte Lupton (President), Size Brannon (Vice President), Carol Albritton (secretary) and Margie Wood (treasurer).  From a few original members,  the SmallestHorse Group has continued to grow and has made it's presence known through the website, magazine advertising, sponsorship of AMHA World classes and having a SHG booth at the World show.  Plans are being made to sponsor and have a booth at the AMHR National Show.

All officers and directors of the SmallestHorse Group are
volunteers.  There is no paid for the love of the
30" and under miniature horse, many people are contributing
their time and energy to promote the perfect horse in miniature.














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