February 2007
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"The perfect horse in miniature"

SmallestHorse Group loves our miniatures.  Happy Valentine's Day to All.


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"Daily I thank the Lord above
For giving me minis that I can love"

Voting starts February 21st.  Send the number of your favorite photo to Marion at
jimandmarion@weelittleminis.com   please put Loving Minis in the Subject Line

"Okay, sweetie, Give Grandma a kiss and
you be a good girl while I go to work!"

"Wave at the camera!"

"Give us a kiss!!"

"Sleeping Beauties"

"Please be My Valentine?"

"Come on, Sweetie, give me a kiss!"

"Have I told you lately that I love you?"

"And they called it Puppy Love"

"You're my best buddy...You make a nice pillow too!"

"You're just too cute......gimme a little kiss!"

"Now, Sweetie....... don't look directly into the camera....it'll make you see spots!"

"One at a time, ladies, please!!!!"

"AWWW, come on, I just want a little hug!"


"Love at First Sight!"


"OK, Sweetie, can you remember to tell Santa what I want next year?"

"Don't turn your head, I want to give you a big one right on the lips!"

"A whole bunch of loving in such a little package!"

"I love you so much I could eat you up!"

"Come closer and give me a BIG kiss!"


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