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One of the greatest joys of owning a miniature horse is the opportunity to share our animals with all people ...........whether they are perfectly healthy, in a nursing home or special needs.  SmallestHorse Group members are serving their community and promoting the smallest horse by introducing them to non-miniature horse owners.  Nothing is more rewarding than seeing our special animals bring smiles to the faces of others.  We are so proud of the SmallestHorse Group members that are sharing their time and energy.

Carol Lowery
Fallen Star Ranch

Sharing her miniatures on Halloween

Judy Zachary
Zachary Farms

Introducing School Children to Miniature Horses

Carol Lowery
Fallen Star Ranch

Helping Children Cope with Grief

Kids Learn to Cope with Grief

Last Update:5/25/2007 5:21:02 PM
Web Editor: Jake Wade

 A summer camp in Eastman is all about having fun and helping children deal with grief.

Camp Good Grief's main goal is to help kids deal with feelings that come with losing a loved one.

The three-day camp has special activities that help children deal with those feelings through activities such as pet therapy, equine therapy, and creative writing therapy.

"These skills that we're teaching them that they're learning is to help them be able to go through that grief and to realize that there is a way to talk it out, a way to experience that grief and go through that grief."

The camp is staffed by volunteers and sponsored by Hospice Care Options.

Next week Camp Good Grief will move to Creekside Elementary School in Milledgeville.

Dwana Johnson
Carol Lowery Fallen Star Ranch

Wanalynn & Bill Chapman
WW Miniatures

Wanalynn and Bill are constantly helping others......from adopting unwanted horses, to bottle feeding for a friend, answering questions for those who need it and then sharing their horses with the people in their community.  We are so proud to have WW Miniatures as a SmallestHorse Group Charter Member.

Sharing Miniatures with Senior Citizens

Dona Neargarder
 Kickapoo Miniature Horses

Nursing Homes / Special Needs





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