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Bill and Wanalynn Chapman

The Welcoming Committee and Executive Board began this program retroactively to include a 2006 SmallestHorse Group Biggest Heart Award winner.

The 2007 SmallestHorse Group Biggest Heart Award winner was nominated by the members of the SmallestHorse Group.  Emails or letters were sent to the Chairman of the Welcoming Committee and then the letters were posted on the forum for the members to read. When nominations were closed, a poll was placed on the forum for the SHG members to vote for the person that they believed had contributed the most to the SmallestHorse Group in 2007.

The Chapman's received two nominating emails.  The following are copies of the emails:

Letter #1:

SmallestHorse Group Members,
Bill and Wanalynn have a wonderful farm filled with their own beautiful horses which they proudly share with the community. They also open their hearts and accept into their care dwarf miniature horses that other farms can't find a way to care for as well as horses with other disabilities such as blindness. They spend an enormous amount of their own money and time traveling distances to pick up these horses and then caring for these animals in way that gives them a wonderful quality of life for as long as they live. While Bill is the voice and pursestrings of the heart , Wanalynn is the day to day caregiver of the heart. They both give so much back to the miniature horse world while promoting the 30" and under miniature horses. I am so proud to personally know them and call them my friends. They deserve this award for all their hard work and their good heart. They truly have "the biggest" of hearts.
Judy Zachary

Letter #2

Anonymous nomination

Bill has gone way beyond the duties of vice president or membership director of the SmallestHorse Group. He is one of the founding members and has always taken part in the activities of the group. I remember his needing t-shirts in lots of colors because he and Wanalynn were wearing them at a show and didn't want people to think they weren't changing clothes. I think they had two grey SHG shirts.

He shares his little horses with the can see on the website on Minis Helping Many. He also is always willing to offer a listening ear when their is a problem whether with the group, a horse or just my personal life.

Bill and Wanalynn have opened their homes to so many dwarves and given them a great home. He is active in educating people that small does not mean dwarf.

Bill and Wanalynn promote the 30" and under horse in so many ways and they are planning to show in 2008. There are so many things to say about the both of them....but the one thing I know from my contact with them is that they are "good" people....and although I only know them through the internet, my life has been blessed by knowing them.

Please check Minis Helping Minis to see photos of Bill and Wanalynn sharing their horses.

It is with honor that the Welcoming Committee and Executive Committee to presents the second recipient of the SmallestHorse Group Biggest Heart Award.

Bill and Wanalynn Chapman
WW Miniature Horses

2007 SmallestHorse Group Biggest Heart Award


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