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Standard of Excellence Award

Standard of Excellence Year-End High Point Award

Standard of Excellence Award


The purpose of the Standard Of Excellence year end high point award is to recognize the top 30" and under horses both in the show ring and those used in activities.  .This year we will have a Champion Stallion, Mare and Gelding Halter horse.  The horse can be any age and can accumulate points in amateur and/or open classes and solid or multi-color classes.  There will also be a Champion Stallion, Mare and Gelding Performance horse..  The horse can be any age and can accumulate points in amateur and/or open performance classes.

The farm that participates in activities that promotes the 30" and under horse in parades, visiting nursing homes, having groups at your home, mentors to the youth and other activities can nominate their farm for the SOE Service Award. 


All 30” and under horses owned by SHG  members in good standing are eligible.

Youth must be an immediate family member or a youth handler of an SHG member.


  1. SOE Halter Stallion

  2. SOE Halter Mare

  3. SOE Halter Gelding

  4. SOE Performance Stallion

  5. SOE Performance Mare

  6. SOE Performance Gelding

  7. SOE Farm Service Award

Entry Fee:

No charge for entering the SOE!!!!!!! 

The job of SHG  is the promotion of the 30” and under horses.  Having our small horses out in public is promotion.  More divisions can be added each year or as needed. 

Awards through 6 places the first year. 

All show placings will be awarded points in an equal manner……whether breed or open shows.  If you are in one of the show classes, please record the number of entries in your class.  Points awarded through 6 places:
1st place -   6 points
2nd place -  5 points
3rd place -  4 points
4th place -  3 points
5th place -  2 points
6th place – 1 point

Service horses will receive 6 points per activity.

Because all of our membership are honest people of the highest integrity, all point reporting will be on an honor basis. 

Start sending in your  nominations and activity reports the first of each calendar year    You may nominate a horse any time throughout the year.   The activity reports need to be turned in within 30 days of the activity.

 Awards…….1st and 2nd place winners' pictures to used in Magazine Advertising

Forms may be submitted by clicking the button at the bottom of the application.  Please submit your application via the button at the bottom of the form and email 2 pictures of your nominated horse to

Click on SOE Nomination Form for the SOE form.

Click on SOE Activity Report for the SOE report form.

Click on 2007 SOE Standings to this year's standings.



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