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Teresa Palmer
Kris Marc Farms

The Welcoming Committee and Executive Board began this program retroactively to include a 2006 SmallestHorse Group Biggest Heart Award winner.

The 2006 SmallestHorse Group Biggest Heart Award winner was nominated by Welcoming Committee member Sandii Turner and unanimously voted and agreed on by the Executive Committee and Welcoming Committee secretly from the recipient. She was nominated for her tireless energy, unselfish contributions and endless hours
spent on the SmallestHorse Group in promoting the 30 and under Miniature Horse. She has served as the Webmaster for the SmallestHorse Group Website and Forum. She has been Treasurer in the past and is the 2007 President while maintaining her Webmaster status.

In 2006, she printed and compiled the Member pages for the Member Book for the AMHA World Show, gathered all materials for display and drove from Houston to Ft.Worth to set up the first AMHA SmallestHorse Group booth. She drove back to Houston and then returned to Ft.Worth to take the booth down and returned to Houston. Her love for the SmallestHorse Group and the 30 and under Miniature Horse is to be revered and applauded.

It is with honor that the Welcoming Committee and Executive Committee to presents the first recipient of the SmallestHorse Group Biggest Heart Award.

Kris Marc Farms Miniature Horses

2006 SmallestHorse Group Biggest Heart Award


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