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Let’s share pictures of our horses. The SmallestHorse Group is starting a HORSE OF THE MONTH contest. Each winner of the Horse of the Month will qualify to be entered in the HORSE OF THE YEAR CONTEST.


* Any 30" and under horse owned by a SHG member can enter the contest. A SHG member means that they have paid their membership and not just a forum user.  Another benefit of joining SHG.

* Pictures must be emailed to  by the end of the month to be entered in the current month's contest. Try to put a caption under your horse…not the name but some cute saying.  Do not have your farm name or your name in the photo.

* Each picture will be numbered. Pictures will be posted on the forum.

* Voting will begin on the first day of the following month and go through the 15th. Votes can come from members and non-members of the SHG. A poll will be set up on the forum for voting.   You personally can only vote one time.....and you can vote for your own horse.

* The winner of Horse of the Month will be announced as soon as the votes for the month are tallied.

* The Horse of the Month winner will receive recognition and be posted on the website as Horse of "whatever month". Example: THE HORSE OF July, 2007 No prizes will be awarded to the Horse of the Month but they will be qualified for the HORSE of the YEAR contest and will receive a certificate. The same pictures will be used for the HORSE of the YEAR contest.

* Voting for HORSE OF THE YEAR will begin as soon as the December’s Horse of the Month has been named and end on January 31, 2009.

* The winner of PHOTO HORSE OF THE YEAR will be announced as soon as all votes are tallied. Only 1st place will receive a prize for Horse of the Year

The prize for the winning horse and/or owner has not been decided yet…….but we are going to make it a good one. Come on let’s see your horses.


Themes for contests from July to December

Subject to change.

Month Theme
July Stallion
August Color Me Beautiful
September Bad Hair Day
October Foals (can't have too many)
November "I Can't believe I ate the Whole Thing"
December Christmas is the time to Share

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