April 2007
Daddy's to BE.....the SIRES
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"The perfect horse in miniature"

Join the SmallestHorse Group and help us promote the 30" and under miniature horse.


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"It takes two to make those beautiful babies!  Give us some credit too."

Voting starts April 21st.  Send the number of your favorite photo to Marion at
jimandmarion@weelittleminis.com   please put  Daddy in the Subject Line

"Hey, Hoochie Momma!  Down this way.....come'on..shake that rump!"

"Hey, you hot little filly, come on out and I'll teach you what love is all about!"

"Darn, all the mares and fillies are over there.....I'm a handsome guy, Yeah!  If they would just look over here and see me they'd know I'm the STUD MAN!!!!"

"Okay, all you fillies and mares out there...2007 is the year I start training on how to become a Daddy!!!!  Any volunteers out there?  Come on!!  Don't be shy!!"






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