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"The perfect horse in miniature"


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Congratulations to each month's winner!!!!
Voting for 2007's "Horse of the Year" photo will begin in January 2008.

January's Fuzzy Mini Winner

"Oh, No, Don't Be Afraid, it's only me in my winter woolies!!!"

February's Loving Mini Winner

"Have I told you lately that I love you?"

February's Loving Mini Winner

"One at a time, ladies, please!!!!"

February's Loving Mini Winner

"AWWW, come on, I just want a little hug!"

February's Loving Mini Winner


March's Mother to Be Winner

"Don't  laugh, I was a Jared Lee model."
April's Daddy to Be

"Hey, Hoochie Momma!  Down this way.....come'on..shake that rump!"
May's Precious Foal

"Are you my Mom?"

"This is what it is all about!"

"aahh, nothing like taking a nap with your best friend on a warm sunny day!"

"Wow, this weed is taller than I am!!!"

"Mommy says I'm her little angel."

"Nighty, Night!"







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