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Disclaimer: The information on this page is to be used as a guideline.  Some information comes from SHG Members, while other information comes from internet sources.  You are advised to always contact your veterinarian regarding any health issuesThe officers and members of the SmallestHorse Group are not responsible for the content.

First Stages of Foaling

Submitted by: Leslie and Tony Cunningham (TLC Miniatures)

The first sign that foaling has actually started is often a gallon or two of clear fluid escaping from the vagina, It is possible to miss this as it happens very quickly. Within 5 minutes a white, glistening membrane should appear between the lips of the vulva. First one front foot and a minute or so later the second front foot should appear within this membrane. The nose should then follow. It is not uncommon for mares to stand up just after the feet are presented and then lie down again.

This is what you SHOULD see:
Gingerf3.JPG (314657 bytes)   Gingerf4.JPG (354610 bytes)



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