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  While we acknowledge our love of all equine, what brings us together is a special interest in Miniatures, and of these the smallest of horses.This group is a place to come together,without prejudice; to discuss the  interests, needs, concerns and issues unique to the smallest of miniature horses, specifically those 30" and under.  Our desire is to always move toward the goal of breeding the smallest correct balanced horse.....  the perfect horse in miniature.





Join the SmallestHorse Group and help us promote the 30" and under miniature horse.




    Welcome to the SmallestHorse Group      
 The SmallestHorse Group was formed to promote the 30" and under miniature horse. Within our group and to follow our mission statement we support the AMHA'S Standard of Perfection
"General Impression:  A small, sound, well-balanced horse, possessing the correct conformation characteristics required of most breeds. Refinement and femininity in the mare. Boldness and masculinity in the stallion. The general impression should be one of symmetry, strength, agility and alertness." 
Since the breed objective is the smallest possible perfect horse, preference in judging shall be given the smaller horse, other characteristics being approximately equal. "

We hope that you enjoy your visit and take the time to look at some of our members beautiful tiny miniature horses.

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