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Disclaimer: The information on this page is to be used as a guideline.  Some information comes from SHG Members, while other information comes from internet sources.  You are advised to always contact your veterinarian regarding any health issuesThe officers and members of the SmallestHorse Group are not responsible for the content.

Foaling Kit Checklist

Submitted by:  Leslie and Tony Cunningham (TLC Miniatures)

I cannot stress enough the importance of being in attendance when your mare foals, just be there!!
I gather all this up and put it in one area. As much as possible in big zip-lock bags & the rest in a zippered, insulated cooler (dust proof)
Braid the mares’ tail to keep it out of the way

Remove any black items from foaling stall (such as buckets, feeders, etc.)

Betadine or other gentle, antiseptic soap

Shoulder length gloves

Latex or plastic gloves

Heat lamps up and working


Clock with second hand, visible from foaling stall

Cordless phone

*Emergency numbers & home numbers of all vets in area

4 clean bath towels

2 clean wash rags

Buffered Iodine or other antiseptic (for umbilical stump)

Digital thermometer

Diaper wipes

Cotton balls

Sterile twine from two feed sacks (soaked in alcohol, for cord & placenta)

Large Scissors

Doggie sweater

Trash bag, feed sack or bucket for placenta

Tablet & pen - To record time of every event of 1st hrs – overall first impression, temp, respiratory, standing, nursing, pooping, peeing, etc. Do not try to rely on your memory – you’re too excited!!

Evenflo Portable Breast Pump

Banamine (1cc IM per 100 #’s)

Oxytocin (1½cc IM per 100 #’s)

Syringes & needles

*Emergency & home numbers of all vets in area

Fleet infant enema (nuke 4 seconds)


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