SmallestHorse Group Membership Application
This application can be filled out and submitted on line or you can type in the application and mail it in. 

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SmallestHorse Members can post pictures on the photo gallery!!!!!!!



SHG Member Application

Full Membership Privileges will be given after receipt of membership fees.

Farm Name:
State & Zip Code:
Email Address:
Message Board Username:
How did you hear about the SmallestHorse Group?
Do you have a farm banner? YES:   NO:

Advertise (at extra charge* must also pay $25 annual membership dues)

Members are not required to advertise.

The cost listed below is for each issue. The World and Journal each have 6 issues per year.

World & Journal:  $26.00 ($156.00 per year) must also pay $25 annual membership dues

The yearly amount is put in for those who like to pay in advance.

The ads are submitted to the magazines about 6 to 8 weeks in advance and must be paid in order for your farm to be listed in the ad. 



Membership fees are $25 annually, from date of payment running one full calendar year. Fees are due annually during the month before expiration of membership to prevent lapse in privileges. Fees are payable to the Treasurer.
press submit button on application above and then pay through paypal
l at www.paypal.com using email address   paypal@smallesthorse.com

Go to printable application, fill out and mail in with check.
Checks should be made out to SmallestHorse Group and mailed to:

SmallestHorse Group
c/o Judith Zachary
7703 Strawberry Plains Pike
Knoxville, TN 37924


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